Child Abuse

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omg. This was just brought to my attention. This is fucking child abuse! Being taught in kindergarten classes! Apparently this is very popular with over 7 million views JUST on Youtube

In school they are teaching CHILDREN that there are more than 2 genders, telling them nothing is safe to touch, they have drag queens read them story time. They teach them that if Bobby wants to fuck Johnny thats ok. WAIT… how can Bobby fuck Johnny if touching is not permitted? Somebody better tell Fauci to get his story straight.

Facebook is cool with Pedophila

Rain wilson, apparently hes a “Hollywood Actor” I never heard of him but here’s his messages.

here’s another. I wonder if they are related…

BUT if you make a group AGAINST pedophila, facebook will ban you.

Hey MICHAEL, why don’t you say something about your Biden?

BUT if you go to church, you can be arrested, tossed in jail even beaten.
if you toboggan down a hill, you will be fined
if you play hockey in the backyard, you will be fined “ILLEGAL HOCKEY”
Article says “spike of cases” once again, the NOBEL PRIZE WINNING DOCTOR MULLIS WHO INVENTED SAID TESTS SAID THE TESTS WILL NOT TELL IF ONE IS SICK OR NOT! Too late to question him on it further though since he was killed (I mean “died”) Aug 2019 after said “panic-demic was declared.

Once again, tests have been performed on fruits, motoroil, goats even CLEAN UNUSED Swabs have come back POSITIVE. Any SANE person can see that this is all bullshit! Our human rights are being stripped and it’s going to get worse. 

10 years ago, NWO was a “conspiracy” now it’s out in the open but SOME still fail to accept it.

here’s another… taze that fucker for playin hockey! 
Cops BEAT gym owner for opening. BROKE HIS LEG! Have the cops not heard of physical distancing? 
Identify those who don’t wear masks, don’t comply (eg ME) 
here the cops beat a mother and her DISABLED SON over “CORONAVIRUS LOCKDOWN” 
MANY more here… beat them all down!

TWO Cops made TWO trips to deliver a TICKET for “TRESPASSING” to Rebel News  Reporter because he visited a PUBLIC CODIV HOTEL! Have they nothing better to do like chase murderers, pedophiles, drunk or buzzed drivers? No, let’s pick the low lying fruits.

I hope y’all seeing what’s going on here. We need to focus on the the big picture and look for answers. How can we stop this from happening?

This is Brandy Vaughan’s website, still up and running after they KILLED her! (allegedly) She DIED for the cause. 

media is told to SELL the PANIC. I don’t know what more “evidence” you need for those who still believe there’s a virus.

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