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"Honour" and "Word" seem to be a relic of the past in today's world.

I can remember studying martial arts as a kid. It was very important to pay homage to the flag upon entering the dojo.

I guess there was a time when honour was king. Today it's more like some mythical creature that we don't know ever existed but it was once real.


There's a difference between “motorcyclist and biker”.

The motorcyclist is one who enjoys bikes. They likely bought their bike new, use it on the weekends, have zero intention of attempting to to fix them themselves or even do simple maintenance like changing the oil. They leave this up to dealers and mechanics and just pay the bill.


The biker grew up in the lifestyle. In many cases, their bike was their only means of transportation. They are usually mechanically inclined do their own work on their bikes and have pride in their work.

Bike “gangs” started in the '40s. Many soldiers returning from war came back to nothing. Some had no family. Governments sent young men and women out to fight for our freedoms, only to return to little or no help, financially, mentally or otherwise. Where would they go? Who could they trust? They were put in life or death situations. They experienced things that few today could possibly imagine. To them, their family were their brothers that had their backs in the trenches, and they had their brother's backs. This was a bond of life and death. Only 1% live like this by their own rules, hence the term “1%er”.


Upon returning from war, legal systems, “systems of justice” were not supporting them. Who would they turn to? Their brother's from the trenches. Since many had nowhere to live, the motorcycle was the obvious choice of vehicle, best suited for their nomadic lifestyle. Motorcycles were cheap at the time, didn't use much fuel, which was also cheep. They required very little maintenance and what they did need, the brothers could usually fix themselves. They formed their own unwritten rules which is known as;


The Biker's Code



We are bikers, modern day Knights of the Road. We Live by the Code which is not to be taken lightly. What you are reading are hallowed words and concepts carried on from beyond Old School, carried from Pirates of the 1600s, and the days of the Temple Knights, 1100-1300. We feel it is our duty to pass on the torch of knowledge to the younger generations as true and unfettered as possible so as not to be watered down by future generations.


1) Never Trust Anyone! Not even family unless proven! Actions are real words are just words until proven by Actions.


2) Walk Tall, Stand Tall, Have Pride but never talk down to anyone less fortunate and never suck up to anyone of greater fortune. Money is not a measure of person.


 3) The Strong Always Protect the Weak. This includes, Women, Children AND Animals. We don't Start fights, we END them. We don't kill just because we can. ALL life is precious.


 4) Do not mistake our compassion for weakness. Treat us right, we'll treat you better. Treat us bad, we'll treat you worse. Do not accept disrespect from anyone.


 5) The only thing you have coming into this world is your word. Do not break this one thing you have for anyone. If you SAY you will do something, DO IT. If you Say you will BE THERE, then BE THERE, NO MATTER WHAT.


The Conservative Biker Alliance logo is based on the cross used by the Temple Knights. These Knights took a vow, a solemn oath and were entrusted to guard the church and possibly even the Holy Grail itself.


The Temple Knights cross was red like blood. Our cross is black and white to symbolize no bloodshed but black and white as the yin and yang, forces of good against evil and to represent simple, logical thought. The hint of red represents the shadows of the past.


The writer was born in 1965. In the beginning of my business career, I can attest to some who's hand shake was their bond. I was fortunate enough to have caught a glimpse of the tail end of that generation. These are the Old School ways. I hope I can pass on some of this knowledge to the younger generations

and to my forefathers, I can only hope that I do you justice.


conservative Biker Alliance
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~ Respect all Life ~